Hiring for Legal Assistant in Santa Fe, NM

May 4, 2021 | Hiring for Legal Assistant in Santa Fe, NM

Position Requirements

Collect, examine, and organize evidence and other documents from clients for attorney review
and case preparation. Communicate with clients and witnesses to schedule meetings, and
interviews. Draft and proofread immigration forms, cover letters, and affidavits for attorney
review in family visa petitions, adjustment of status, consular processing, naturalization, and
other immigration matters. Meet with clients to review packets and collect signatures. Finalize
filing packets, file with the appropriate government agency and follow up with each step of the
case until completion while providing status reports to clients. Manage, organize, and maintain
documents in paper and electronic filing systems.

Required experience:6 months in job duties.

Apply by emailing a resume and cover letter to ebteam@vrapiweeks.com