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Kimberly Perez

Kimberly Perez is a Client Relations Specialist at Vrapi Weeks, in the Albuquerque office. Her role focuses in creating an environment that is inviting and professional for every client that comes through our doors. She also handles administrative duties as well as fulfills a supportive role for all team members of the firm.

Kimberly was born in Santa Fe and raised in Albuquerque. She attended UNM for business administration with a minor in Spanish, and she plans on returning and completing her coursework. Having worked in the NM Department of Workforce Solutions, she has found a passion for public service as a rewarding path to take. Kimberly speaks fluent Spanish and has done freelance translation services for solar and construction companies, she enjoys this work as it is a simple way of bridging the two cultures she has grown up in and helping people in the process.

Having come from two immigrant parents one of which has gone through he legal process of obtaining residency in recent years, as well as having immigrant siblings, she believes the work the firm does is invaluable. Having the knowledge of what the process is like and compassion for the people in difficult situations gives her the drive to provide the best service possible to the families and individuals seeking assistance from the firm. Being able to be part of a team that has the ability to change so many lives is a great honor for her.

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Outside of the office Kimberly enjoys taking her pups out to dog parks and on walks. She enjoys fiction books and movies and is a part of a few book clubs. Some of her other interests include astrology, practicing yoga, event photography, and helping at her father’s restaurant


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