Client Relations Specialist

Karla Dominguez

Karla Dominguez is a Client Relations Specialist at Vrapi Weeks in the Santa Fe office. Her main responsibility at the firm is to create a warm and friendly environment for anyone who walks in through our doors, as well as administrative duties.

Ms. Dominguez was a first-generation college graduate in her family. She graduated in May of 2020 with her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice form Northern New Mexico College. She plans to go back to school to obtain her master’s degree or go to law school. Ms. Dominguez is also fluent in Spanish.

Ms. Dominguez was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She lived in Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua for some of her childhood and later moved to Pecos, New Mexico. Her parents migrated to the US in the 1990s in hopes of their daughter being born a US citizen. She saw firsthand the struggles of being a part of an undocumented family. Ms. Dominguez dedicated her undergraduate thesis in capturing the experience of undocumented Mexicans through a series of interviews and allowing people to share their stories. These two factors motivated her to find a place that serves the immigrant community and help those in need.

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Outside of the office, Ms. Dominguez loves spending time outdoors. She plays volleyball for a Santa Fe volleyball league and sets up her teammates to dominate on the court. She enjoys all of the great foods and nature that New Mexico has to offer. She also loves to travel!


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