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Julia Jagow

Albuquerque Immigration Lawyer

Julia Jagow is an associate attorney at Vrapi Weeks in our Albuquerque office. She represents individuals, families, and businesses in family and business visa petitions, green card applications, naturalization and citizenship, removal of conditions and green card renewals, H-1B visas, PERM applications, J-1 Waivers, R-1 and I-360 religious worker petitions, and other immigration matters. She is fluent in Spanish.

Ms. Jagow first discovered her passion for immigration law during her many years as a volunteer. As an undergraduate student at St. Louis University, she worked in an internship with the nonprofit Migrant and Immigrant Community Action Project. Ms. Jagow witnessed how the immigration attorneys there helped reunite families, give people a chance at a better career, and achieve their goals without immigration barriers in the way. She decided that she wanted to dedicate her life to helping people achieve status.

After graduating from St. Louis University, Ms. Jagow went on to pursue her J.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School. During her time in law school, she continued to serve the immigrant community as she honed her legal skills. Ms. Jagow served at the Immigrant Justice Clinic where she represented individuals facing deportation. There, she saw how even when clients have strong cases, the process is anxiety-inducing, both for the clients themselves but also for their entire families. Later in law school, Ms. Jagow wrote a publication, ​​”Dairy Farms and H-2a Harms: How Present Immigration Policy Is Hurting Wisconsin and Immigrant Workers,” which focused on how present immigration policy harms immigrants and state economies alike.

Ms. Jagow’s favorite part of her job is helping clients experience the relief and opportunities that come with achieving status and being able to be reunited with their families. She loves being able to see the excitement clients have when they realize they are able to get a better job, become a homeowner, get their citizenship, or petition for their relatives. Her goal is to provide assistance that makes the immigration process less stressful.

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When she is not in the office, Julia loves to be active outdoors. She enjoys hiking in state parks, cross country skiing, and rock climbing. She also loves cooking, reading a good book, learning new languages (such as Arabic!), and playing with her cat, Lucy.


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